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«Shaleni tatusiі»- unique program

2010-03-07 12:30:50
Geraskin, PE
«Shaleni tatusiі»- unique program

«Shaleni tatusiі» - the unique program about education of children on our TV. And one of the few who organises charitable auctions. This time prizes for which the Kiev businessmen, steels children's drawings and personal things of stars bargained. And money has gone on purchase of the device of ultrasonic for children's polyclinic.
Group "Alibi" has offered expensive antiquarian necklace. Uncle Zhora has brought a scarf and a cap. And children from studio «Quarter 95» have transferred to organizers from the scenery a staff of the GAI officer decorated with crystals of Svarovski.
 To me it is pleasant that I have lived to that age when me ask about the help, - the visitor of auction Evgenie Grishkovets who has prepared for visitors the special program admitted.
But before to begin the performance, the known writer has shared not too iridescent impressions of our country. Your roads - simply nightmare! - Evgenie admitted, which last month goes on tour across Ukraine. - Jankoi looks as if there recently there has passed civil war. And Armjansk … Yes there can exile people! From Siberia!
Then Grishkovets has publicly quoted for the first time fragments from the future book.
After performance the actor remained in a hall. Joked and actively drank whisky with the Kiev businessmen. And then has not sustained also itself it was connected to auction. However, not as the buyer.
- Wait minute, - the writer-actor actively rummaged some minutes in the leather portfolio while at last has not got therefrom a spoon for footwear. From "Brioni"! Is my talisman two years...
In the beginning the present have become puzzled and hesitated to bargain for so exotic prize. But as a result one of ladies has redeemed it for 5000 grivnas.
Has not done without surprises and for the actor. Organizers have executed Evgenie's dream and have acquainted with the Ukrainian singer the Llama. As it has appeared, Grishkovets has heard it for the first time one and a half years ago and has lighted up idea to write down a joint song.

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