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The beauty requires many efforts

2010-03-06 16:18:31
Geraskin, PE
The beauty requires many efforts

For anybody not a secret that the beauty requires many efforts. Also it is a question not only of visiting of beauty salons and boutiques, but also about physical diligence is it is visible on footwear of the Hollywood stars.

Looking at fragile beauties on which legs the footwear on very tall heels is put on, it becomes terrible for their life! For the sake of a celebrity fashion are ready on everything, the main thing for them – to look fashionably and stylishly. They do not think of the health, they live one day, showing surrounding the faultless taste.

To see them in all beauty it is possible on every possible parties and the ceremonies devoted to music and cinema. Stars carry only footwear of known world brands: Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Casadei, Burberry Prorsum, Gianfranco Ferré, Dolce and Gabbana, Balenciaga, Devi Kroell, Pierre Hardy etc. Differently also cannot be – after all the celebrity status in some measure depends that on it is put on.

The footwear of stars of Hollywood never remains not noticed, therefore we will try to look that the brightest women of the world carry.

The known model of Hajdi Klum (Heidi Klum) has decided that its growth is insufficiently great, therefore on ceremony «the Gold globe» it has come in barefoot persons of black colour from Labutena high-heeled. Under an open short and volume dress with a huge red flower varnish strips look perfectly well.

The film actress Selma Hayek (Salma Hayek) has preferred charming creation of fashionable brand Alexander McQueen. The model represents itself open barefoot persons on thin black thongs. Elegantly the leg is twisted also with the black lace used for an ornament. The sole of footwear of a star is executed in glamour pink colour, therefore each step of the film star draws to itself attention.

Under a short black dress Demi Moore (Demi Moore) has harmoniously picked up shoes of the same colour. The high platform and the refined heel from Casadei have allowed the actress to create a unique image.

Any Hollywood star cannot leave simple from the house so, after all of it constantly observe tabloids. Here therefore Kim Kardashian even behind purchases goes in beautiful footwear. This time the choice has fallen for mark Burberry Prorsum – excellent footwear of the Hollywood stars. Shoes of chocolate colour with opened носочком and a crossing elastic band on an ankle are ideally suited under its style.

The well-known dress-bjuste of Anne Hathaway, executed in white-gold colour, was added with barefoot persons on a thin intricate heel from Gianfranco Ferré.

Under a shining red dress from Dolce and Gabbana Jessica Alba a plot red barefoot persons on a high platform.

The actress of cinema Jennifer Connelly looks stylishly enough in a black short coat from Balenciaga and open openwork ботильонах on a wide heel.

Rihanna adores experiments with the appearance. On ceremony American Music Awards it was in a short scattering white dress, white gloves and, naturally, in footwear of stars – shoes with interesting heels from Devi Kroell.

The Ukrainian model and the actress has not resisted from masterpiece Pierre Hardy – on it gold barefoot persons with large stones shone.

Model of Agyness Deyn as always at height, and, in the true sense of the word – under a black suit she has put on varnish red barefoot persons on very high heel. The hat has finished an image of the British beauty.

Beyonce is able to choose such обувку from which easier not to take away eyes. For example, gladiators with large colour stones of the different sizes, or shoes golden on a high heel and a violet sole, or the black-and-white shoes decorated almost with jewelry.

Does not concede in extravagance and Marion Cotillard, quite often flashing in advertising of Fashionable House Dior. On the Parisian premiere of the picture it has knocked all with dark red shoes with spangles on a huge sole, and for the New York red path it has picked up barefoot persons with pagan goddesses instead of heels.

Joanne Rowling, presented to the world the saga about young Harry, a plot on a premiere of a new film barefoot persons sparkling by gold on is unreal high heels, and after all the writer after all already has more than 40 years.   

Certainly, very few people can eclipse Victoria Beckham. Its photos in boots on a platform and in general without a heel it was long discussed by tabloids. The such masterpiece has come to mind to the designer of Italian footwear Antonio Berardi. Remains a riddle as in such footwear it is possible to go confidently!

The lady the Eider - Lady GaGa at times fascinates public the insuperable desire to be allocated and be not such, as all. It is possible to it each time all better and better thanks to rig-outs and the footwear which have been picked up under them. That there are high boots with a lacing carelessly let on all height of a top!

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