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Special footwear. Shortly about it

2010-03-07 13:18:20
Geraskin, PE
Special footwear. Shortly about it

The special footwear is used for protection and protection of feet against industrial and natural influences of mechanical damages, an excited environment, vibrations, a moisture). Depending on working conditions individual defence means stand out free of charge. Modern special footwear should correspond to diverse service conditions, give reliable protection and to be convenient for workers. At manufacturing of special footwear it is necessary to consider specificity of manufacture for which it is intended as modern manufacture has the big variety of technological processes which are characterised by harmful various and dangerous factors. On any building site there are general industrial pollution, there is a possibility of a trauma of the bottom finitenesses. It is danger exists at carrying out of metalwork works, works on installation of heating system, a waterpipe, sanitary technicians. The listed works are characterised by dangerous traumatic factors: Hit of a metal dust, sand, shaving in footwear, sole piercing by a sharp subject. Accordingly the most subject is foot, fingers. Means, it is necessary to give special attention to protection, against shock loadings. To special footwear are applied at manufacturing materials which can protect the working person from sole piercing. According to research of working conditions working it is established that the greatest place of punctures of a sole of special footwear can occur at the machine-building enterprises, coal, a fishing industry. In high-voltage systems transmission lines which work at pressure of four hundred kw and above are applied. The personnel which serves such transmission lines, is subject to influence of very strong electric fields thus through a body of the person, can pass an electric current in size to 800 mileamperes. Special suits are applied to protection against influence of electric fields and spark categories from a fabric with a metal thread. However such working suit a suit cannot be applied without corresponding pair of special footwear which would provide tap in the earth of the electric category. One of conditions which are shown to special footwear repair, assembly and наладочного the personnel working with the established pressure of four hundred kw and above, maintenance with special footwear of resistance no more 4к Ohm is. It can be reached such design which at direct contact of the person with electrospending an element protects foot and simultaneously takes away an electric current in the earth. Technological processes of transportation and packing of chemical products which are characterised by dust allocation, просыпанием on a floor of chemical products, demand corresponding pair of special footwear. Many chemical products are capable to absorb a moisture from environment therefore solutions of acids and alkalis which settle on a surface of footwear are formed and cause changes of physicomechanical and hygienic properties of special footwear.

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