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Siberian shoe company

2010-06-26 00:13:20
Geraskin, PE

The Siberian shoe company - has almost fifteen-year operational experience in the Russian market. The decision to make footwear has come only in 2000.
  Our production began at factory in the city of Berdsk, have purchased the German equipment – two литьевые cars Desma, have invited German experts who have trained our employees in knowledge of shoe business.
This unique equipment requires very competent approach and very high qualification, therefore and has the big dignities.
  There is an opinion that the footwear of known mark ECCO is made on confidential technology which cannot be repeated. It not so. In the same way, the method литьевого sole fastenings, produces by us man's footwear of the trade mark «S-TEP». In the course of moulding of a molecule of a sole get into leather top, transforming a boot and a sole into a unit. German полиуретан firms Dow Chemicals maintains frosts to 30 degrees. Such sole never will come off and will not burst!

Buyers of our footwear appreciate ease, comfort and reliability in footwear S-TEP.

We invite to cooperation of all who appreciates quality!

Our contacts:

Trading department:

Novosibirsk, 630009, street Guryev, 38, office 204

t./f.: +7(383) 266-51-92, 269-88-27

Shoe factory: Berdsk, 633010, Lenin's street, 89/6

t./f.: +7(383) 212-55-32, 212-59-62, +7(38341) 3-05-01


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