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2010-06-29 23:27:52
Geraskin, PE
News ExpoShoes Business Online

News from project ExpoShoes Business Online

  We carry that our collective has been decided to introduce Turkish language which is entered by tenth core under the account from languages on our site to the latest news of our project ExpoShoes Business Online.

  To begin with on the project 10 different languages of a nations of the world considered as the cores are entered and serve for convenience of dialogue between the different countries. In 2011 we can already increase quantity of languages and we will start input of others, including Arabian.

  At all it we focus attention that on our resource ExpoShoes.com English language is international and the basic. All information at registration will be is entered in several languages, - language English and state language on which will be is conducted direct dialogue in project ExpoShoes Business Online, it will be and duplicating.

In connection with the unique decision of transfers of languages, each registered person can transfer automatically at dispatch to personal correspondence the personal texts. Thus there is a possibility, having written the message on one of ten languages, by pressing of the button of dispatch, automatically to transfer and send simultaneously the message on established in the menu of the message language or without it. Also we will offer many interesting functions for a mode of instant correspondence in functions of messages.

Remain with us and we will not make you!

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