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Attention ATTENTION!

The registration is only for companies and private entrepreneurs, who are interested in production or sale of the shoemaking industry products.

For successful registration we advise that you should fulfill the following requirements:

  1. To create a unique login and password (do not trust your login and password to the third parties)
  2. To give the valid e-mail address for confirmation of the user's registration
  3. To fill in the form with reliable information on the person or company being registered
  4. If we need to specify the information granted, we will contact you on the telephone number given during the registration
  5. If you do not fulfill the requirements for safety of our project, we reserve the right to refuse you the registration

User Agreement


International information and news social business project ExpoShoes Business Online (hereinafter referred to as BUSINESS ONLINE), web-resource www.ExpoShoes.com

1. Procedure and conditions of registration, list of the individuals and companies that can be registered.
1.1      Only commercial entities, owners and co-owners of private property, companies dealing with footwear industry, managers and officials of the footwear companies being registered, their regional and national representatives worldwide can be the resource users.
1.2      When being registered the user is to provide copies of the registration documents issued by the state registration authorities to BUSINESS ONLINE project moderator. The Administration of the project will on no account show to the third parties the data stated in the copies of the registration documents provided. These copies are only necessary to ensure safe business relations on BUSINESS ONLINE project.
1.3       All authorized representatives of the trade marks are to be included by the company-registrar into its cabinet on BUSINESS ONLINE project and also included into "Contacts" section into the list of official representative offices. The users who are not approved by the chief registrar are accepted to BUSINESS ONLINE project into the "Wholesalers" section or they can be transferred to this section when there is no agreements with the trade mark management confirming the approval.

2. Subject of the User Agreement.

2.1       BUSINESS ONLINE offers the User its services on the resource at the internet address www.ExpoShoes.com subject to terms and conditions of this User Agreement.
2.2       User Agreement is a legally bounding agreement between the User and BUSINESS ONLINE, and it regulates the use of BUSINESS ONLINE resource by the User.
2.3       The User is a registered individual from the list of the individuals that can be registered according to paragraph 1.1. of this Agreement, who uses informational and other services provided by BUSINESS ONLINE project for his/her own purposes in accordance with the service plan chosen and the functions of the menu sections.

3. Rights and obligations of BUSINESS ONLINE

3.1       BUSINESS ONLINE has the right to fill the resource with the information taken from the public sources, including those on BUSINESS ONLINE project. The use of this information by BUSINESS ONLINE is aimed at making the project services useful and convenient for the User and providing public information to other visitors of the resource at the address www.ExpoShoes.com
3.2       BUSINESS ONLINE has the right to charge fees for both services provided and additional services for the Users on BUSINESS ONLINE project. This is regulated by the additional oral or written agreements, phone and fax communications between the User and the BUSINESS ONLINE project representative. The prices for services that were changed are not compensated to the Users who had ordered the service before the price was changed. The money for future services to other Users who ordered the services beforehand are recalculated by turn in accordance with new prices. In this case the User will be provided with the services to the amount equal to the amount in accordance with the new prices.
3.3       BUSINESS ONLINE has the right without advance notification and any obligations to the User to stop the work of this resource and providing the services on it, as well as to delete or block (temporarily or ultimately) the information given by the User. BUSINESS ONLINE has the right to change the terms and conditions according to which the services are provided on BUSINESS ONLINE resource, to sanction penalties to the Users and to ban the use of the resource (to ban IP addresses of the Users violating the terms and conditions of the User Agreement, to take other measures according to the effective law).
3.4       BUSINESS ONLINE does not bear any responsibility for information storing on the Internet, some inaccuracies, incorrect or undue allocation of any user information to BUSINESS ONLINE resource, as well as for program or user's attacks on BUSINESS ONLINE service, including those on a specific user of the resource. It also does not bear any responsibility for failures of the server with the BUSINESS ONLINE project user's information that can result in data loss or damage the user's data. The Users should understand that nobody can fully protect the information on the Internet.
3.5         BUSINESS ONLINE is free from guarantees, as it deals with materials and information given through the Internet by those who allocate it on the internet-resource http://ExpoShoes.com
3.6       BUSINESS ONLINE resource User uses it at his/her own risk. The information and services are given "as they are".
3.7       BUSINESS ONLINE does not accept any responsibility for the adequacy of information, incorrect translation of texts and other services provided for different purposes of the User. BUSINESS ONLINE does not bear any responsibility for inadequate information perception by the Users as a result of incorrect translation of the articles and does not check them for mistakes in the texts and is not responsible for the translations made by the resource users.
3.8       BUSINESS ONLINE does not bear any responsibility for the consequences of use of the BUSINESS ONLINE Users' information used for trade, bank, credit and other business operations including those on BUSINESS ONLINE project.
3.9       BUSINESS ONLINE does not guarantee that all the mistakes in the programs can be corrected, that information and services will be provided incessantly, quickly, safely and without mistakes.
3.10      BUSINESS ONLINE does not bear any responsibility for accuracy and reliability of the results produced from using the information and services of the resource, for the quality of any product or service and for any other information received through BUSINESS ONLINE and for its compliance to expectations and demands of the User.
3.11     BUSINESS ONLINE does not bear any responsibility for any damage that can be caused to the User's computer or data as a result of using BUSINESS ONLINE resource on the Internet.
3.12     BUSINESS ONLINE can not bear any responsibility for reliability of different kinds of information provided by the resource Users including the information about the products, work and services on the project. Those who provide the information about the products and services are responsible for its reliability.
3.13     BUSINESS ONLINE can not bear any responsibility for direct or indirect losses or any other damage incurred as a result of use or failure to use BUSINESS ONLINE, unauthorized access to the User's communications, actions of any other third party towards to BUSINESS ONLINE project Users.
3.14     In any circumstances the responsibility of BUSINESS ONLINE is restricted to the Ukrainian laws in force and in accordance to paragraph 22 of the civil code of Ukraine it is restricted by BUSINESS ONLINE to the amount of 100 UAH and it is imposed on it if there is a proven guilt in its actions.
3.15     BUSINESS ONLINE has an opportunity, but it does not have to look through, change or delete the information placed by the User. BUSINESS ONLINE under no circumstances can show the copies of the registration documents to the third parties, except the statutory cases.
3.16     The information given to the User during the resource use can be protected by copyright, trade marks, patens and respectable laws. BUSINESS ONLINE under no circumstances can give it to the third parties.
3.17     Software products of BUSINESS ONLINE are developed within BUSINESS ONLINE project and are protected by the intellectual property laws and by corresponding Ukrainian and international laws.
3.18     The information given to BUSINESS ONLINE can be used by BUSINESS ONLINE at its own discretion including the use for publishing of articles and RSS newsfeed on other web-sites as well as in magazines and other editions stating www.ExpoShoes.com as a primary
3.19     BUSINESS ONLINE has the right to mail the Users with newsletters containing the information and news of BUSINESS ONLINE project.

4. Rights and obligations of the User

4.1       The User has the right to use BUSINESS ONLINE within the frameworks of this User Agreement.
4.2       The User is obliged to give trustworthy, accurate and full information to place it on BUSINESS ONLINE (requests, news, advertising information, contact information, personal, legal or physical details, the information about the location of the production facilities (city, country, legal address of the company), the detail of the manufacturer and the dealer, prices and price lists for the products and other user information), to keep this information up-to-date and to replace the prices in the company's catalogues in due time.
4.3       The User bears responsibility for all his/her information (data, texts, photographs, graphics, messages, correct translation of the articles being uploaded, for their meaning, content and mistakes in them), for the details given or provided for moderation on BUSINESS ONLINE project, specified data on manufacturers, dealers and other individuals.
4.4       The User is prohibited to use BUSINESS ONLINE project for:
     a). Placing, sending, sharing or any other publishing of information that is illegal, harmful, threatening, insulting morals, slanderous, infringing copyright, propagating hatred and/or discrimination of people, and for other illegal actions;
     b). Personating another people, a representative of an organization or a community, to which the User is not legally related, without sufficient right or corroborating documents, as well as for deceit or delusion as to the properties and/or characteristics of any subjects or objects;
     c). Placing, sending, sharing or any other publishing of information that the User has no right to make available by law or under any contractual relationship;
     d). Placing, sending, sharing or any other publishing of information that affects any patent, trade mark, commercial classified information, copyright and other property rights and/or author's and related rights of the third party;
     e). Intentional violation of the Ukrainian laws or the standards of the international law;
     f) When the User is given a personal password for access to the protected sections and personal data of BUSINESS ONLINE project, the resource User bears personal and full responsibility for the safety of his/her password as well as for everything that will be done on BUSINESS ONLINE resource under his/her password and/or under his/her user data. Responsibility for such actions lies with the registered User of this account or with the other person who used this account.
     g). The User is prohibited to distribute any information or programs belonging to BUSINESS ONLINE as a whole thing or in parts without written consent of BUSINESS ONLINE. Distribution of information or programs belonging to BUSINESS ONLINE as a whole thing or in parts without written consent of BUSINESS ONLINE is a violation of BUSINESS ONLINE copyright by the one who did it and it is subject to legal prosecution by law of Ukraine.

5. User Agreement conditions of effectiveness, alterations and coming into force

5.1       Using BUSINESS ONLINE the User accepts the conditions of this Agreement.
5.2       The User Agreement comes into force by default after the User accepted the terms and conditions of the registration on BUSINESS ONLINE project.
5.3       By accepting the terms and conditions of the registration the User confirms acquainting and agreeing with the User Agreement on BUSINESS ONLINE project located on the web-resource www.ExpoShoes.com
5.4       The User Agreement can be altered by BUSINESS ONLINE without special notification; the new edition of the User Agreement becomes effective as soon as it is placed on the project.
5.5       Since the User Agreement is gratuitous, the norms of the consumers' protection can not be applied to it.
5.6       Nothing in the User Agreement can be viewed as establishing between the User and BUSINESS ONLINE agency, partnership, collaboration, employment and other relationship.
5.7       In case the User does not agree with the User Agreement he/she must immediately stop using BUSINESS ONLINE. BUSINESS ONLINE does not bear any responsibility for direct or indirect losses of the User resulting from User Agreement alteration.

6. Relationship between the User and BUSINESS ONLINE

6.1       Providing the User with www.ExpoShoes.com resource, BUSINESS ONLINE undertakes to take constant care of the service improvement and of providing services of high quality on www.ExpoShoes.com, trying to secure the safety of the Users' personal information, to take care of the intellectual and other kinds of property rights. BUSINESS ONLINE undertakes to help and consult the Users about the functioning of www.ExpoShoes.com resource in every possible way.

7. Contact information and inaccuracies on the service

7.1       BUSINESS ONLINE asks to show understanding of the problems that can emerge during the use and operating of ExpoShoes.com services when errors occur and asks to inform always about them in the feedback forum on our resource, to the on-line support service of Users "On-line Support" in the upper part of the home page, by messaging a support operator about the problem in the resource functioning on www.ExpoShoes.com in the form of feedback that can be found at the foot of the resource home page.


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