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The company "Gera Plus" Russia

2010-03-08 01:57:16
Geraskin, PE
The company

About us:
The company "Gera Plus" successfully exists in the shoe market of Russia here ten years.

We make and we realise footwear only from a genuine leather of mainly man's direction.

Footwear manufacture is based on use of workings out of domestic and foreign manufacturers of the shoe equipment that allows us to increase productivity, at the same time to raise quality. The leather footwear is the basic delivered production.

The Internet shop of footwear from the manufacturer is convenient and economically mutually advantageous form of co-operation.

The footwear order through Internet shop is possibility quickly to issue the order, to conclude the contract on delivery, and the main thing, you can quickly and attentively look the footwear catalogue.

By each season our designers give new models of footwear.
By a season of 2009 the new catalogue of footwear is offered:

    * winter footwear
    * shoes
    * summer footwear

We follow the law of changes and consequently we create the products, capable to satisfy all requirements which you show to good footwear. In offered modelling раде footwear are both sports footwear, and daily footwear and children's footwear.

 We, as accept the footwear order. Our masters will transform any your whim into footwear. Only footwear wholesale.

The client gives the flexible system of discounts depending on volume of the ordered goods, a kind of payment and duration of productive acquaintance to firm.


The address:
Gera Plus
Street Extreme, 52

(863) 236-75-87 - sales department;
8-928-777-05-64 - management department;

ICQ: 217287851


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