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Checking the Italian brand

2011-11-13 02:44:39
ExpoShoes Online
Checking the Italian brand

Recently we have seen the hype of Italian brands, but not everyone knows how to check and protect themselves from counterfeit Italian brand shoes and clothing, as well as other products. This protection against counterfeiting. It is based on infringement of intellectual property rights is pursued by a registered trademark. Counterfeit - a new product created from an existing source.

Counterfeit goods are generally not labeled by this famous brand logo, and like him a modified logo with the name, such as the original "Adidas" - "Adibas", "Gmax Stores" - "Gimax Stores" and so on. In this case, manufacturers are able to counterfeit pirate deny the fact that the original name was not used. But the question is at the same time that the ordinary buyer often does not know how exactly is this logo and commercial brand relies on buying a memory of a familiar picture.

Check this Italian brand of shoes and other products is very simple.

Check the Italian brand to counterfeit Anyone can visit, "the Department of Enterprise, and internationalization. Directorate-General for the fight against counterfeiting, the Italian Patent and Trademark Office."

You will need to link to the site http://www.uibm.gov.it/uibm/dati/Testo.aspx Italian Department and the following steps:


Проверка оригинальности итальянского бренда обуви


  1. Specify tick "mark", if we are looking for a brand by brand shoes and other products of any;

  2. Enter the exact name of the desired Italian trade mark / brand in the specified field;

  3. Click "Check". If the test is confirmed by the brand (registered in Italy), then:

  4. You will see a description of the logo of the Italian registered trade mark / brand;

  5. See the picture of the Italian trade mark / brand

  6. See, for whom this Italian registered trade mark / brand;

  7. You will see the registered codes with a brief description of the activities of the trade mark / brand.

  8. For ease of transfer of information you can use Google translator site by clicking on the link http://translate.google.com/ # it | ru | (click here) or insert a link in the transfer window and press the "convert" - translated website.

Проверка итальянского бренда на оригинальность  

This information is provided to us directly from the lips of Italian shoe industry, namely the Director-General of the Italian brand of shoes and accessories "Gmax Stores" Massimo Kozentino and representative commercial brand Gmax Stores in Ukraine and CIS (38 067) -2618001

Began a set of shoe manufacturers in the placement of a permanent exhibition online at www.ExpoShoes.com.ua (all manufacturers because of the created queue will be serviced in the order of the record number. It is very convenient conditions for the deployment of Ukrainian producers, individual. The site will be launched when see red instead of the old site, blue, thematic and site name ExpoShoes.com.ua is 6.5 years, belongs to the project "ExpoShoes Online" Business).

To place an online shoe at the Exhibition in Ukraine, please contact its organizer (our show for Kiev is not relevant, but is subject to on-line format), the project ExpoShoes Online Ukraine.
Electronic address of the exhibition: expo dog exposhoes.com.ua (only questions the exhibition online, send back the form, application form, other promotional information - just SPAM!)

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