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History of the Japanese footwear

2010-03-04 23:51:42
Geraskin, PE
History of the Japanese footwear

Traditions have history, and the history has bases of knowledge. It concerns history of the Japanese footwear. Style, traditions, history, is and there is a Japanese footwear.

 The Japanese traditional footwear for a kimono and ukata which is cut out from an integral piece of a tree, is called гэта. This footwear do of easy and strong wood, - pavlon, and it has two parallel supports - heels. To actors of Japanese theatre Kabuki, one such high heel-support in the middle of a sole becomes only.

    Traditional wooden footwear a Majko-dignity, it name pockuri. It is very expensive footwear which is painted with artists, it is decorated by hand bells and has a wattled insole from a grass igusa that is very beautiful.

    The footwear with a flat sole is called dzori. Dzori- the man's and female has useful properties and them usually spin bonds of the dried up grass leather igus, colour silk or silk brocade, modern artificial materials.

    The ancient Japanese wattled footwear for travel is called varadzi. This footwear now varadzi again become fashionable. Them carry usually atop таби from dense silk or a skin.

    The footwear for traditional Japanese kinds of single combats (budo) is called tabi. They, tabi, are sewed from a strong dense clap, with division for a thumb. The sole of this footwear tabi is usually made of soft rubber that it was possible to use them for use in streets, or from suede or a clap - for employment in a sports hall.

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