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Fashionable female handbags 2010

2010-03-05 13:07:03
Geraskin, PE
Fashionable female handbags 2010

Fashionable female bags spring summer of 2010. Fashionable bags of 2010 – bright and seizing. Experts assume that the world will start to leave crisis, and with arrival of spring it will want bright paints and explosion of emotions. Nevertheless, fashionable bags of 2010 are sustained more in classical style. For 2010 designers offer bags of every possible shades red, green, violet, pink and dark blue.

Fashionable bags spring summer 2010

Materials of fashionable bags for the summer 2010 traditional: a skin, suede, textiles, plastic, and as straws.

In general, in a spring-and-summer season of 2010 fashionable tendencies in many respects repeat fashionable tendencies of 2009. So, in 2010 as it will be accepted to carry basically in hands, as well as in 2009. Both the big bags, and small, and even «messenger» with long handles we carry in hands, having reeled up on a wrist.

Female bags spring summer of 2010

However, it is not forbidden and on a shoulder.

Fashionable female bags spring-summer of 2010

One more fashionable tendency of 2010 – a retro. The retro will be absolutely slightly, so to say, for judges. In collections from Marni have found a new embodiment small, similar to ancient purses with a latch from above, handbags of our grandmothers.

Female bags Marni of 2010

Universal and practical bags «Tote» and «Hobo» pass during a fashionable season 2010. Big and capacious, they will please with the bright colours and furnish.

Female bags Burberry Prosum 2010

Fashionable bags Alexander Mcqueen of 2010

Bags «Hobo» usually rush on a shoulder. But even «hobo» in 2010 it is removed from a shoulder and we carry in hands. «Hobo» have been noticed in collections Chloe, Derek Lam, Philosoph.

Bags Chloe of 2010

For lovers of small bags in 2010 in a fashion remain «клатчи». Already which season this fashionable handbag does not hand over the items. In a new season of 2010 клатчи are offered with diverse furnish and a decor. Materials classical: plastic, a skin, silk, suede.

Fashionable bags spring summer 2010

Female bags spring summer 2010

One more interesting detail: as a variant, клатчи are offered with the small, scarcely noticeable handle, allowing to hold a handbag ладошкой.

Fashionable bags Balenciaga of 2010

As will appear «wristlet» and «baguette». Handbags «wristlet» – small handbags which rush on a wrist, are presented in many summer collections 2010. This year they will be from suede and a leather.
"Baguettes" – long narrow handbags with one handle as become fashionable in this season.

Bags of 2010

Female bags Vionnet of 2010

At all severity of models, classical and even a retro, the decor will be that highlight which will be one of key trends. As a decor relief stitches, laces, chains, flowers, bows and hearts, a fringe, pompons, colour and fabric game … will serve

Female handbags summer of 2010

Female handbags spring 2010. Handbags Louis Vuitton of 2010

In some collections the varnished bags, however, it not the basic tendency of 2010 have been noticed.

Fashionable bags Giorgio Armani of 2010

The same as also furnish under a reptile who meets in some collections, but already much less, rather than in a fashionable summer season of 2009.

Female bags of 2010

Look narrowly more attentively at new models of fashionable bags. Among a variety of variants of models, a decor and materials it will be possible to find a fashionable bag to liking to any woman of fashion

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