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We invite you to collaborate on this exhibition Shoe Project ExpoSoes Online

2012-06-11 09:51:57
ExpoShoes Online
We invite you to collaborate on this exhibition Shoe Project ExpoSoes Online

We invite you to collaborate on this exhibition Shoe Project "ExpoShoes Online"

Please note that our global projects, expensive, and complement each other. Since their launch, we extend the relationship with foreign international exhibitions, which may offer discounts on our project. Recommend that you review our site www.ExpoShoes.com.ua and under "About Us".

We own an international, general project "ExpoShoes Online"
with the targeting of advertising and informaionnoy info-network worldwide in 10 languages, social business network with encrypted instant correspondence, where the same is developing an international catalog of the shoe industry, the world's only (at favorable conditions in the catalog only to let the partners working with us.) We can show the banner or the news only to those countries that need - others do not see it. Thus the information is displayed on the different countries in different ways. The resource will be updated yet, introducing new sections are thinking about their search sostemoy online projects.

Our second project - "ExpoShoes Online Ukraine" - is not just a catalog, and a reminder! This incarnation of our personal development for the footwear industry with the protection of data that you will be able to manage (being constantly developing and refining). Nothing that you have your own life and he is a great place on the Internet. We have more - to our users, the private entrepreneurs who are constantly orders on our site, like the fact that all the shoes in one place and then do not go, even if your site has, in most cases. Their words: "All in one place, as the exhibition of shoes with the head missing." Also, our site will remind you that you exist, for those who are a bit forgotten about you.

We own 26 names "obuv" in every region of Ukraine,
including www.obuv.kiev.ua and www.obuv.zp.ua (launched in 2012, a network of retail portals that complement wholesale purchases - PE can present themselves for retailers) where there is a possibility for collaboration, to remind all segments of the population of your product (if only the names of those brands that work with us, others - not.)

Supplementing the project "ExpoShoes Online TV"
- a professional video shooting and placement on our network and not only, with the possible departure for you. Interviews, commercials of any complexity on good price, developed on our own modern equipment, including 2D and 3D visualization. Our team will leave for any place in Ukraine in an interview survey of the material. Later it will be broadcast on our resources. Next - we are going to create materials and display them.

In 2012 we launch the project "ExpoShoes Offline Ukraine"
with our partners of the project "ExpoShooes Online Ukraine" will expose a large area at low cost exhibition samples. According to our surveys of private entrepreneurs, we confidently declare that we will be coming from all over Ukraine and beyond. Fully yet we do not reveal secrets.
It will be a project in the style of "free stores" - the sale of goods remaining in stock manufacturers / suppliers.

We look forward to working with leaders and newcomers. Everything is just beginning!

With respect to you, as a successful manager from the head.
Serzg Geraskin, head of the shoe industry network projects.
ExpoShoes INFORM
Network Project "ExpoShoes Online"

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