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Business to you. ExpoShoes.com

2010-02-01 15:58:39
Geraskin, PE
Business to you. ExpoShoes.com

ExpoShoes: Business - a difficult way of organizational work, therefore we search for easier let in its conducting. We represent that any manufacturer can wish, - from social business - networks to catalogues and online of orders of the goods at manufacturers, search of partners, - project leader Sergey Geraskin speaks.

  It is very difficult to make that to you anybody did not do. We try объеденить all information, concerning spheres поизводства and sales of the shoe industry in one general project which works with other sites of the given sphere of production and sales.

 Our project has already started to accept orders for placing of the information and banners of main page of a site. Registration will be begun on the end of February - the beginnings of March, 2010. ExpoShoes Business Online - it is footwear, bags, accessories, a leather haberdashery, chemistry, a haberdashery, accessories, the tanning industry, a leather. To place the personal information it is possible on a banner, in news, bigboard, RSS. In last - about you can read in news worldwide! On the project there will be a lot of information on the shoe industry, therefore we wish to make this project - number one in the world. Information gathering,  business, social business the project and development prospects, a time savings and the finance - all it is done in the blessings of development of your enterprise!

 The project "ExpoShoes Business Online" is intended as for preparation you to sharing in the international exhibitions, sharing in them in online a mode and the subsequent orders of production interesting you after them. On the project “ExpoShoes Business Online” you can look through catalogues of production of manufacturers interesting you and to begin with them business. We promise many the pleasant and positive moments in connection with complete start of our project "ExpoShoes Business Online"!
 Be registered on the project "ExpoShoes Business Online" dealers (Private Predprenimateli), attending to sale given сигмента the goods and the manufacturers attending to production of footwear, daily and modelling bags, accessories to footwear, and also manufacturers of packing, a skin, accessories, a sole, колодок, haberdasheries, chemistry and the equipment for production of the given kind of the goods, and also official representatives of manufacturers of these firms can.


Endorsement of registration can take from five minutes till 24 o'clock, depending on your personal data granted for registration for what you need to confirm itself, having loaded necessary files (copies of the documents including copies of registration of the subject of entrepreneurial business (certificate), your photo and a photo with a surname, a name and a patronymic in the Passport (a series of the passport and other data we do not require). We try to make so that you felt confidently on the project "ExpoShoes Business Online" and have been as much as possible protected from swindle and a spam. The personal data and the data about the goods are not disclosed to third persons that is reflected in the user agreement at registration in our project and are granted only for check of the person as all of us should be assured of fair partnership on the project "ExpoShoes Business Online".

 We are interested in safety of your catalogues of production - Copyrights of manufacturers and we care of fair relations of business from outside those who is registered and participates in on our interesting project. More advanced system of safety is at present developed and working out of "BLACKLIST" of those who already has infringements of financial mutual relations, breach of confidence and swindle between manufacturers or businessmen (dealers) that disciplines the further mutual relations is prepared. The project is constantly finished and improved. Interface language will vary on multilanguage and becomes accessible to the different countries of the world.

 We declare ourselves!

Administration of project ExpoShoes Business Online.

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